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This Week @ CSEAS
April 20, 2015 - April 24, 2015

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Friday Forum:

April 24, 2015 - Capt. Dick Diller (Delta Air Lines and author of Firefly: A Skyraiderís Story About Americaís Secret War Over Laos)
Air Operations Over Laos, 1969, 1970
     Captain Diller is the author of Firefly, A Skyraiderís Story About Americaís Secret War Over Laos, the only book written about night flying over Laos during the Vietnam War. Capt. Diller flew 203 missions over Laos, mostly at night, during USAF operations that were a major part of the U.S. government's secret war in Laos conducted as part of the war effort. In this talk, he tells of three missions, the difficulties of finding a target at night, and the two major areas of flight operations. In an account that tells of the rescue of one pilot of Boxer 22 and the loss of the other, he explains the search and rescue mission and the main reason why A-1s were still being used in the war, and also tells of the losses, including 7 out of 20 in his squadron while he was there, and 104 out of approximately 700 who flew the airplane for the air force during the war. He further describes different types of missions in northern Laos and along the Ho Chi Minh Trail, and explains why we supported one side of what was essentially a civil war.

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Conversation Tables:

Filipino Conversation Table
Thursday, April 23, 5:00 pm. Lakefront Cafeteria, Memorial Union.
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