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Smail Prizes Awarded

The Smail Prize Committee has awarded Smail Prizes to the following two individuals:

Prize for 1999-2000

Michael Malley, "Resources Distribution, State Coherence, and the Changing Level of Political Centralization in Indonesia, 1950-1997"

Michael Malley is an Assistant Professor of political science and has taught at Ohio University since 1999. He earned his MA and PhD in Political Science at the University of Wisconsin, an MA in Asian Studies at Cornell University, and a BS from the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University.


Prize for 2000-2001

Steven McKay, "Securing Commitment in an Insecure World: Power the Social Regulation of Labor in the Philippine Electronics Industry"

Steven McKay is an assistant professor of Sociology/Cultures and Communities and a member of the Urban Studies Faculty at UW-Milwaukee. He earned his PhD in sociology from University of Wisconsin - Madison and also has an MA in Southeast Asian Studies. Steven teaches courses in the sociology of work, political sociology and globalization.



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