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Russell Middleton (Emeritus)
Russell Middleton, retired professor in the Department of Sociology, is interested in grassroots, participatory, "bottom-up" approaches to social and economic development, particularly as carried out by NGOs and people's organizations in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. He has conducted research ingon social forestry in Thailand and in the Philippines, where he studied a successful farmer-run NGO and the social causes and consequences of the Asia 1991 Ormoc (Leyte) flood. He has taught courses on the sociology of economic change and grassroots development, and worked with students interested in rural development and national resources management in several disciplines, including sociology, Asian studies, development studies, CAVE, environmental studies, and agricultural journalism.
Office Hours:
How to contact Professor Middleton:
Email:      middleto@ssc.wisc.edu
Phone:     608-262-4538
Address:  7115 Sewell Social Science Building
                  University of Wisconsin-Madison
                  Madison, WI  53706    


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