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Thongchai Winichakul

Thongchai Winichakul, (University of Sydney, 1988), a professor in the History Department, is a specialist in the intellectual and cultural history of Thailand, with an emphasis on knowledge and the construction of the Thai nationhood. His book, Siam Mapped, which received the Harry J. Benda prize by the Association for Asian Studies in 1995, is about the geography of nationalism, the encounter etween the modern and indigenous knowledge of geography and mapping that resulted in the geo-body of Siam. Thongchai has received important grants and awards including the SSRC (1992/93), the Guggenheim (1994/95), the Vilas Associates (1999-2001) and was elected the Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Science, class of 2003. He currently is writing a book on the memories of the massacre on October 6, 1976 in Bangkok, focusing on the various kinds of silence after the traumatic past and the failure of Thai history to address the issue. His works in progress also include a study on the history of Thai history -- the demarcations between what is and what is not considered historical knowledge in Thailand, and the formulation of the master narrative of Thai history as a dominant ideology. As a former student leader in the 70s in Thailand, Thongchai's interests in issues in contemporary Thailand remain strong. Thongchai served on the Board of the Association for Asian Studies (USA) in 1996, and was the Director of the Center in 1997-99.
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History 438:    Buddhism and Society in Southeast Asian History
History 457:    Southeast Asia before 1800

Undergraduate Seminars:
History 500:    Seminar: Nationhood and Nationalism
History 500:    Seminar: Orientalism: The "Other" in our Knowledge
History 600:    Seminar: Issues in Southeast Asian History Before 1800

Graduate Seminars:
History 703:    History and Theory: History and Theory
History 703:    History and Theory: Geography in History
History 755:    Seminar: Politics and Political Culture in Modern History of Thailand
History 755:    Seminar: Remembering the Traumatic Past: Thailand in the 1970s

- Siam Mapped: A History of the Geo-body of a Nation (University of Hawaii Press, 1994)
- "The Changing Landscape of the Past: New Histories in Thailand Since 1973" Journal of Southeast Asian Stuides, 25:1 (March 1995);
- "The Others Within: Travel and Proto-Ethnography in Siam 1880-1920," in Civility and Savagery: the Differentiation of Peoples Within the Tai Speaking Polities, ed. Andrew Turton (forthcoming);

- "The Quest for 'Siwilai': A geographical discourse of Civilizational Thinking in the Late 19th and early 20th Century Siam", Journal of Asian Studies 59,3 (August 2000).

- "Remembering the Traumatic Past: Ambivalent Narratives of the October 1976 Massacre in Bangkok" in Cultural Crisis and Social Memory: Politics of the Past in Thailand and Laos, ed. Charles Keyes and Shigeharu Tanabe (forthcoming by Curzon Press and University of Hawaii Press).

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Email:  twinicha@wisc.edu
Phone:  (608) 263-8931
Department of History
5211 Humanities
455 N. Park St.
University of Wisconsin-Madison
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