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Friday Forum: Katherine Bowie

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2016-09-09 12:00 - 13:30

“Kruba Srivichai, the Saint of Northern Thailand:
Exploring the Historical Context of his 1935-36 Detention”

Wat PhaaNaam, Lii - Bowie photo

Katherine Bowie
Professor of Anthropology

Kruba Srivichai is the most famous monk in northern Thailand, yet he was also the most controversial. He was sent to Bangkok for investigation in 1920 and 1935-35. Over 400 northern monks and novices were forced to disrobe before Srivichai was allowed to return to the north. After being disrobed, some monks reordained under central Thai authority, some wore white robes the rest of their lives in protest, and some returned to lay life. Elsewhere I have explored the circumstances surrounding his first detention. In this talk I will consider the historical circumstances surrounding the 1935-36 detention.