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Albert Gunther
School of Journalism and Mass Communication
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Al Gunther, a professor in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication, specializes in in mass media and public opinion with some emphasis on science and technology issues. Gunther has also worked on questions of information credibility and censorship. His international research interests focus on Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia.
     For more information please visit Professor Gunther's School of Journalism and Mass Communication homepage.

Selected Publications
-- "The Persuasive Press Inference: Effects of Mass Media on Perceived Public Opinion" in Communication Research, volume 25, 1998.
-- (with Ang Peng Hwa), "Public Perceptions of Television Influence and Opinions about Censorship in Singapore" in International Journal of Public Opinion Research, 1996.
-- "Overrating the X-Rating: The Third-Person Effect and Support for Restrictions on Pornography." Journal of Communication, 1995.
-- (with John Marquart and Garrett J. O'Keefe). "Believing in Biotech: Farmer's Perceptions of the Credibility of BGH Information Sources." Science Communication, volume 16, 1995.
-- "Biased Press or Biased Public? Attitudes Toward Media Coverage of Social Groups" in Public Opinion Quarterly, volume 56, 1992.
-- (with Leslie Snyder), "Reading International News in a Censored Press Environment" in Journalism Quarterly, volume 69, 1992.
Office Hours:
Tuesdays, 8:30-9:30 a.m.

How to Contact Professor Gunther:
Email: agunther@.wisc.edu
Phone: (608) 262-1506
5022 Vilas Hall
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Madison, WI 53706



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