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J. Lin Compton(Emeritus)

J. Lin Compton is a retired professor of Development Education, Social Forestry, International Agriculture and Asian Studies in the Department of Forest Ecology and Management and was Chair of Doctoral Program in Development studies in the Land Tenure Center.  He specialized in the study of rural and community development, natural resource management, sustainable agriculture, extension science, and indigenous knowledge systems.  He has had extensive field experience in Thailand, Laos, Southwest China and the Philippines. Professor Compton worked with graduate students in various departments, including education, forest ecology and management, international agriculture, Asian studies, environmental studies, land tenure and development studies, and sociology.

Forestry 511: Forestry Seminar in Land Tenure: Introduction to Agricultural and Natural Resource Extension in Developing Countries
Forestry: Researching Indigenous Knowledge Systems
Forestry: Training for Development: Context, Content, Process
Forestry: Social Forestry Research Seminar
Forestry: Action Learning for Environmental Conflict Resolution
How to contact Professor Compton:
Email: lcompton@wisc.edu


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