Friday Forum Spring Semester 2005-06

January 20, 2006 - "The Debate on Pluralism in Indonesia: The Case of MUI's Fatwa"
by Ulil Abshar-Abdalla (Religion, Boston University)
In 2005, Majelis Ulama Indonesia(MUI), a state-sponsored body of Muslom clerics, issued an edict rendering liberalism, seculiarism and pluralism as un-Islamic ideas, sparking a debate on the issue of pluralism in Indonesia. Since the collapse of Suharto's authoritarian regime in 1998, the debate on pluralism indicates that the search for the cultural grounding of democratic notion within the local cultural framework of Islam is not an easy task.

January 27, 2006 - "Provincial Proliferation on the Indonesian Archipelago"
by Ehito Kimura (Poli. Sci., UW-Madison)
Kimura addresses the historical and institutional roots of the "pemekaran wilayah" phenomenon--the creation of new provinces and districts in Indonesia.

February 3, 2006 - "Kathoey Islam? Pone Siam?: Transgendering and Border-Crossing Among Malay-speaking Muslims in Southern Border Communities of Thailand"
by Michiko Tsuneda (Anthropology, UW-Madison)
This presentation will examine the ways in which transgendered individuals cross national and ethnic boundaries in order to manage their ambiguous social position in Malay-speaking Muslim communities near the southern border of Thailand.

February 10, 2006 - "The Aceh Peace Process: Achievements and Prospects"
by Damien Kingsbury (Intl. and Political Studies, Deakin University)
On August 15, 2005, the Free Acheh Movement (GAM) and the Government of Indonesia signed a peace agreement to end almost three decades of separatist conflict. The peace agreement has flaws, and there are serious obstacles to its implementation. However, the framework for peace now exists, so that the parties can return to it should implementation stumble.

February 17, 2006 - "Hmong Shamanism"
by Yang Thai Vang and Va Choua Vang 
Cheng who is a UW-Madison student, along with his father who is also a Shaman will talk about the Hmong religion and other aspects of Hmong culture. The lecture will most likely be in question/answer format.

February 24, 2006 - CSEAS Student Symposium

March 3, 2006 - "Political Institutions and Fiscal Policy in the Philippines"
by Takeshi Kawanaka (Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Developing Economies, Japan. Visiting Scholar, Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center, Stanford University)
The talk will explore how constitutional setting shapes policy outcomes in the Philippines. The president's control over budget and the congress' strong veto power in policy legislation are considered to intensify bargaining and, eventually, affect policies.

March 10, 2006 - No Friday Forum (Spring Recess)

March 17, 2006 - No Friday Forum (Spring Recess)

March 24, 2006 - "Democratization Derailed?: Analyzing the Current Political Crises in Thailand and the Philippines"
Discussion with Paul Hutchcroft (Poli.Sci., UW-Madison) and Thonchai Winichakul (History, UW-Madison)
In both Thailand and the Philippines, chief executives are facing--and resisting--widespread demands for their resignation. The speakers will analyze various facets of the current political turmoil: the grievances against Prime Minister Thaksin and President Arroyo, the strength and character of opposition forces, and possible paths toward resolution of the crises afflicting the two countries.

March 31, 2006 - "Did it really help to be a Japanese colony? The East Asian Miracle in Historical Perspective"
by Anne Booth (SOAS)
A comparison of Japanese colonial policies in Taiwan and Korea, with those in Southeast Asia reveals that in parts of Southeast Asia--particularly the Philippines--levels of development during the late 1930s were comparable with those in Taiwan, and better than in Korea.

April 7, 2006 - No Friday Forum

April 14, 2006 - "Multiple Literacy, Contesting Identity: Tai Indigenous Literacy in Contemporay Vietnam"
by Yukti Mukdawijitra (Anthro., UW-Msn)
In light of modern nation-state building, along with the national script, ethnic scripts play a significant role to maintain ethnic diversity and construct national unity. How Vietnam struggles with the dilemma between national identity and ethnic diversity is demonstrated through state policies and local use of ethnic Tai script.

April 21, 2006 - "American Colonial Policing in the Philippines & the Origins of the US National Security State"
by Alfred McCoy (History, UW-Madison)

April 28, 2006 - "Aesthetic and Spiritual Correlations in Javanese Gamelan Music"
by Susan Walton (Ethnomusicology, Michigan)
Music making, the structure of the music, musical styles and the creation of melodies have close parallels in the Javanese mystical world. The talk addresses these connections between the tradition of gamelan music in Java and mystical traditions.

May 5, 2006 - No Friday Forum last day of classes