University of Wisconsin–Madison

Friday Forum: Ambassador John Maisto

"US-Philippine Relations: An Insider's View of Diplomacy During the Marcos Years and Beyond"

Ambassador (Ret.)

October 27, 2017
NOON-1:30 P.M.


The U.S.-Philippine relationship was born into and crafted by the emergence of the United States as a Pacific power. World War II victory and Philippine independence found both countries dealing with the Cold War, the Korean War, Vietnam, China, new regional realities, and interlocking development, security, military basing, economic, and trade issues. Bilateral ties from the 1960s through marital law and the end of the Marcos years, People Power, the bookend Aquino governments (Cory and Benigno, Jr.), and now Rodrigo Duterte have to be viewed through these prisms. U.S. diplomacy during the 1970s and into the fall of Marcos in 1986, seen and executed from inside the American embassy in Manila and then the Philippines Desk at the State Department in Washington, will provide that look, to be followed by a review of bilateral ties to the present.