University of Wisconsin–Madison

Undergraduate Certificate in Southeast Asian Studies

Beginning in Fall 2009, the Center has launched a new undergraduate certificate program in Southeast Asian Studies. The program is open to all students with any undergraduate major (other than Southeast Asian Studies) and is intended to permit students to demonstrate a concentration on Southeast Asia by completing fifteen credits of core courses.  A formal description of the program and its requirements requirements is provided below.

Number of Credits: 15

The undergraduate certificate in Southeast Asian Studies is awarded to undergraduate students in other degree programs (that is, programs other than Asian Studies, Southeast Asia Concentration) who are interested in documenting their advanced training in Southeast Asian Studies. The certificate requires the completion of fifteen (15) credits of Southeast Asian Studies core courses that are approved by the Program Advisor in consultation with the Education Committee of the Center for Southeast Asian Studies (CSEAS). Up to six (6) credits of a Southeast Asian language can be counted for the certificate, but only courses offered at the intermediate (3rd semester) or higher levels. Students interested in this certificate should fill out a College of Letters and Science Major/Certificate/Option Declaration Form and bring it to Michael Cullinane, CSEAS Associate Director and Undergraduate Advisor (207 Ingraham Hall, or 263-1755). Dr. Cullinane is the Advisor for students in the Undergraduate Certificate program. Certificate students should consult with Dr. Cullinane before the beginning of each semester to discuss Southeast Asian Studies course offerings.