Language Teaching Staff

Language Instructors

Erlin Barnard

Pedagogy Coordinator for Less Commonly Taught Languages (LCTL), Department of Asian Languages and Cultures

Hong Thi Dinh

Vietnamese Language Lecturer and SEASSI Vietnamese Coordinator

Choua Lee

Hmong Language Lecturer and SEASSI Hmong Coordinator

Sakti Suryani

Indonesian Language Lecturer (SA)

Sheila Zamar

Filipino Language Lecturer (SA) and SEASSI Filipino Coordinator

Foreign Language Teaching Assistants


Mihn Tan Le

Hnin Lae

Southeast Asian Studies Summer Institute (SEASSI) Language Teaching Faculty

Hong Dinh Thi
Vietnamese Coordinator

Choua Lee
Hmong Coordinator

Amelia Liwe
Indonesian Coordinator 

Ellen Rafferty
CSEAS Faculty Emeritus and SEASSI Language Director

San San Hnin Tun
Burmese Coordinator

Sheila Zamar
Filipino Coordinator