University of Wisconsin–Madison

Spring 2017 Commencements and Achievements

Congratulations to recent graduates and award recipients in Southeast Asian Studies!

The following students successfully completed their oral defense and received the Masters Degree in Southeast Asian Studies:


Meita Estiningsih, Class of 2017

Ma Tianjiao defended her Masters paper, “Mongkut (1851-1868): a ‘Modern’ Monarch?” (December 2016).

Meita Estiningsih defended her Masters paper, “The Impact of the Japanese Occupation, 1942-1943, on the Development of Indonesian Cinema” (May 2017).

Kurt Kuehne defended his Masters paper,“‘All are Equal, but Some Are More Equal than Others’: Singapore’s Educational System and the Foundations of Elite Democratic Government” (May 2017).


The following graduate students in Southeast Asian studies were awarded field research grants and postdoctoral fellowships for the coming year:


Anthony Medrano (Department of History), who defended his doctoral dissertation in May, was offered a 2-year postdoctoral appointment at National University of Singapore (declined) and a 2-year postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard University (accepted).

Brett Reilly (Department of History), who is in the final stages of completing his dissertation, received a Doris Quinn Dissertation Completion Fellowship.

Left to right: Catriona Miller, Philip Cerepak, Nick Zeller

Catriona Miller (Department of History) received a Boren Award and a Center for Khmer Studies (American Overseas Research Center) Fellowship to conduct her field research in Cambodia.

Philip Cerepak (Department of History) received a Boren Award for dissertation research in the Philippines.

Nick Zeller (Department of History) received a Boren Award for his dissertation research in Thailand.

Royce Novak (Department of History) received three grants for his dissertation research in Indonesia and Vietnam: a Social Science Research Council (SSRC) fellowship, a Fulbright (IIE) award, and a Council of American Overseas Research Centers (COARC) fellowship.

Ryan Wolfson-Ford (Department of History) received a Moesen fellowship at the Library of Congress for his dissertation research on Laos.