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The UW-Madison Center for Southeast Asian Studies has been providing top language instruction, research, outreach, and student scholarships for over four decades, and remains among the most renowned centers worldwide for the study of Southeast Asia. Part of our success can be attributed to three endowment accounts that make it possible for us to support our students and programs.

The Southeast Asian Studies Fund has been established to support research, training, and student scholarships in the dynamic, cross-disciplinary field of Southeast Asian studies. This fund was established in the early 1990s through a successful challenge grant from the Mellon Foundation, with valuable assistance from contributing funds from the Henry Luce Foundation.

The Judith L. Ladinsky Memorial Fund has been established to support research about Vietnam and to support the teaching of Vietnamese language. This fund was made possible to a gracious donation by Professor Nina Byers (Physics, UCLA), the sister of Professor Judith Ladinsky (1938-2012), who for twenty-five years energetically presided over the U.S. Committee for Scientific Cooperation with Vietnam from her position in what is today the Department of Population and Health Sciences in our School of Medicine.

The Thai Studies Fund has recently been established (2020) by a very generous donation from Professor Katherine Bowie of UW-Madison’s Department of Anthropology, and the past president of the Association for Asian Studies. This fund is concentrated on providing support for students concentrating their studies and research on Thailand and for a wide range of programing related to Thai studies at our university.

We will be glad to discuss your wishes or special intentions as a donor.
By default, your contribution will support:

  1. Research in Southeast Asia by Wisconsin faculty members and graduate students.
  2. Teaching of Southeast Asian languages:  Burmese, Filipino, Hmong, Indonesian, Khmer, Lao, Thai, and Vietnamese.
  3. Scholarships that will make it possible for us to support more of our students.

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Please note that on this site you will be able to select one of the three funds above (on the find your cause drop down option) to make your donation.

If you have questions about giving, please contact:

Mike Cullinane 

Associate Director, Center for Southeast Asian Studies
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If for any reason, including anonymity, you prefer to deal directly with the UW Foundation, please contact:

Ann Lippincott

Managing Development Program Director
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