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Outreach to K-12 Teachers/Students and College Educators

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Past Events

Professional Development Workshop Series
January 15-16, 2022

“Empowering Educators to Teach on Genocide

This virtual event empowered Wisconsin’s K-12 educators to teach on genocide and fulfill the mandates of Act 30, the new law passed by the Wisconsin legislature and Governor Evers in April 2021. Educators had the opportunity to listen to presentations by top experts and acquire free book sets, in addition to other practical materials, for teaching on the subject of genocide and five specific cases: the Holocaust, Cambodia, Rwanda, Argentina, and the Uyghurs in China.
To view the workshop’s carefully vetted List of Resources for Teaching on Genocide, click here.
For more information and to view recordings, click here.


Professional Development Workshop Series
March 13 and 20, 2021

“Cyber-Capabilities and Accelerating Global Change Workshop
for K-14 Educators”

For more information, click here.


Professional Development Workshop Series
October 2020 

“The Growing Crisis of Statelessness and Refugees Workshop for Community College Teachers”

For more information, click here.


Professional Development Workshop and Special Event Series
May – June 2019

Celebration of Peace and Mindfulness: “The Girl in the Picture” Presentation by Kim Phúc and Nick Ut

For more information, click here.


Professional Development Workshop
March 17, 2018 

“Mindfulness and Socially Engaged Religion in Southeast Asia”

For more information, click here.

Professional Development Workshop
October 22, 2016
“Teaching the Vietnam War: A Conversation about War and Memory
with Pulitzer Prize Winner Viet Thanh Nguyen”
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Professional Development Workshop
November 7, 2015
“Insights into K-12 Experiences of Hmong Students in Wisconsin”
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South Madison International Night 2015
“Eskrima: A Filipino Martial Art”
(More information about Madison Eskrima here)

Professional Development Workshop Summer 2013
 “Women and Democracy Around the World”

Professional Development Workshop June 2013
“The Hmong in Contemporary and Historical Perspective”

Professional Development Workshop Spring 2013
“Ceremonies and Rituals Around the Globe”

Professional Development Workshop 2009
“Southeast Asian Communities & the Shifting Contexts of Learning”

Professional Development Workshop 2007
“Health and Healing in Southeast Asia”

Professional Development Workshops 2006 
“Hmong Language and Culture”
“Asia in Your Community: Cultural and Religious Practices”
(co-sponsored with Center for South Asia, Center for East Asian Studies)

Outreach to Schools
Javanese Shadow Puppet Theater Demonstrations
Faculty and Graduate Student Speakers on Southeast Asian Topics

Recommended Resources

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