The Center and Periphery: Development and
Sustainable Management of Indonesian Resources

Universitas Katolik Santo
Deadline for abstracts: March 31, 2020
Conference Dates: Aug. 24–25, 2020

The theme of the 13th International Indonesia Forum Conference, The Center and Periphery: Development and Sustainable Management of Indonesian Resources, touches upon issues of religious, cultural, social, as well as economic and natural resources. For the 13th Conference this year we call upon scholars of various disciplines to explore how the center and periphery can work together to answer the challenges in developing and sustainably managing these Indonesian resources. We invite the contributions of scholars in bringing their expertise to address the various aspects of these issues and welcome them to the 13th International Indonesia Forum, which will be held at

Universitas Katolik Santo Thomas, Medan, Indonesia

Persons wishing to present papers at the Conferences are invited to submit a short CV and one-page abstract in electronic form (PDF or Microsoft Word) to Dr. Frank Dhont at and, respectively, by 31 March, 2020. All abstracts must be in English and papers will likewise be presented in English.

Burmavision 2020: Challenging Lenses of Myanmar Studies
Northern Illinois University
Deadline for abstracts: April 30, 2020
Conference Dates: Sept. 24–27, 2020

The Board of Trustees of the Burma Studies Foundation, the Burma Studies Group and the Center of Burma Studies cordially invite you to participate in the exciting conference! We invite papers or multi-media presentations on all aspects of Burma/Myanmar Studies, broadly defined, including (but not limited to) anthropology, art history, environmental studies, health, history, literature, linguistics, music, political science, popular culture, religious studies, sociology, and urban planning.

Contact us at:

Human Development in Indonesia: From Outer Islands to the Capital
University of Pittsburgh
Deadline for Abstracts: July 30, 2020
Conference Date: October 3, 2020

The 2020 Indonesia Focus Conference welcomes any research findings and important ideas related to Indonesia. The conference invites papers and panel proposals that reflect on Indonesia’s unique challenges and opportunities from inside and from outside of Indonesia.

This year topic is Human Development in Indonesia: From Outer Islands to the Capital. The idea behind this topic is to highlight development efforts across the country in various sectors; such as education, health, economy, agriculture etc. World Bank indicates that Indonesia is one of the Middle-Income Trap countries where it attains a certain income (due to given advantages) but gets stuck at that level. It has not succeeded in changing its development strategy from an accumulative and imitative economy (plain imitation of the technologies of the advanced economy) to a competitive, entrepreneurial, and innovative economy.

General Submission Guidelines

Indonesia Focus Conference accepts 2 categories of submissions.

(a) Extended abstracts of completed projects (empirical, methodological, theoretical, or critical). It should be 500-words in length.
(b) Fully developed panel or roundtable proposals (400-word description, with 100-word abstracts for each paper and contact information for each author).

All abstract submissions MUST be submitted online no later than July 30th, 2020 through

The abstract must be written in English. Early submission is strongly encouraged. Please include your email addresses and affiliation at the bottom of your abstract.

Please note that the committee will apply rolling deadlines within the review process. We will send a notification of the acceptance or rejection of your abstracts within two weeks after your submission. We encourage all potential participants to submit their abstract as soon as they can to allow sufficient time to prepare travel grants proposal with their institutions.

If your abstract got accepted and you are interested to have your paper published in Proceedings of Indonesia Focus, please send your full paper by October 3, 2020.

For any inquiry related to this call, please email us at

This conference has not yet started accepting submissions.