New Book by Nam C. Kim: Origins of Ancient Vietnam

Congratulations to UW-Madison Archaeology Professor Nam C. Kim on the recent publication of his book Origins of Ancient Vietnam, Oxford University Press, November 2015.

Abstract: This book explores the origins of civilization in the Red River Delta of Vietnam and how related studies can inform our understanding of ancient societies, generally, and of the foundations of ancient Vietnam, specifically. Long believed to be the cradle of Vietnamese civilization, this area has been referenced by writers for centuries, with many recording colorful tales and legends about the region’s early history. One of the most enduring accounts relates the story of the Au Lac Kingdom and its capital of Co Loa. Recent archaeological fieldwork has provided new perspectives about this important settlement, revealing indigenous trajectories of cultural change and the emergence of a politically sophisticated society. This volume places Co Loa within a wider, global setting of emergent cities, states, and civilizations. It also highlights the ways in which the material past is intimately linked to present-day notions of cultural heritage preservation and national identity.

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