Short Residency on Social Justice/Southeast Asia

The Justice in Southeast Asia Lab (JSEALab) is calling for applications for a short residency for a visiting scholar or practitioner based in Southeast Asia working on questions of social justice, broadly-conceived, to spend time at UW-Madison between February and August 2023. The individual selected will visit UW to meet with colleagues, use library resources, and have a brief period of time for their own work. While at UW, they will be asked to give one public lecture, which will also be recorded for wider dissemination. An honorarium of 4000 USD (subject to taxation) will be provided; these funds may be supplemented with the individual’s own funds.


FAQ about Short Residency on Social Justice/Southeast Asia:

Q: Who is eligible?

A: A scholar or practitioner either based at an institution in Southeast Asia or working independently in Southeast Asia working on social justice. You should have a relevant terminal degree for your field; current students are not eligible.

Q: How long is the residency?

A: This is up to the individual to decide. UW-Madison will provide visa assistance and a $4000 honorarium (before taxes) to assist with costs; you may supplement the honorarium with other sources of funding.

Q: How many people will be selected?

A: One per academic year.

Q: How do I apply?

A: Complete the application form here.

Q: When are applications due?

A: 31 December 2022

Q: When will a decision be made?

A: 1 February 2023


See call for applications here

Additional questions, please email