Center Staff Updates

Recognizing Imelda Djatirman and Sri Pratiwi

For nearly two years—a time largely dominated by the Covid-19 pandemic, the Center has benefitted from the dedicated efforts of two program assistants who have given exceptional services to our various endeavors, most particularly to the administration of our two most recent and highly successful SEASSI programs (2020 and 2021): Imelda Djatirman and Sri Pratiwi, both of whom completed the Center’s MA in Southeast Asian Studies. While this was in some ways a difficult time, it was also a time of tremendous achievement, much of which was made possible by Imelda and Sri and we take this opportunity to enthusiastically thank them for their service and devotion to the Center.

Imelda Djatirman

Imelda, who graduated from the MA program in Spring 2019, not only worked at the Center during her graduate studies, but also worked full-time for the Center from June 2019 to June 2020 on the OPT program. She returned home with her family to Indonesia in Summer 2020 and has been greatly missed.

Ni Luh Gede Sri Pratiwi

Sri, who graduated from the MA program in Spring 2020, also worked full-time as a Program Assistant on her OPT most of 2020 and well into 2020. During this time she applied and was admitted on fellowship to the doctoral program in UW’s Department of History and began her degree program in Summer 2021, serving as a Project Assistant of the Center until the end of August, during which time she worked closely with Lisey Doty and Jinda Moore, on a wide range of tasks related to a remarkably successful SEASSI 2021.

Welcome to our new Center Staff, Lisey Doty and Sam Hicok

Elisebeth (Lisey) Doty

The Center is pleased to announce the hire of Elisebeth (Lisey) Doty, she/her, as an Administrative Specialist. Lisey, of course, is known to our affiliates since she began working for the Center and the SEASSI Program in 2017 as an undergraduate. Lisey had the chance to experience SEASSI as a student in 2019, when she studied Bahasa Indonesia as part of her Boren IFLI scholarship program before completing a semester at the Universitas Negeri Malang and an internship with the Wildlife Conservation Centre at Universitas Gadjah Mada in Indonesia. She graduated from UW-Madison in Spring 2020 with a double major in Religious Studies and French. In addition to her position at the Center, Lisey is the Project Manager for the Southeast Asian Language Council (SEALC), a Henry Luce Foundation-funded project housed at the Center.

Sam Hicok

Sam (he/him), our new Center Assistant, is a graduate student in the MA program with interests in topics related to Laos, the Secret War, refugees, Asian Americans, and race/ethnicity. Sam also did his undergraduate degree in Southeast Asian Studies here at UW-Madison (2015) and has been a student of SEASSI in the past as well.