MA Degrees Defended in 2021-22

The Center is delighted to announce the completion of five MA degrees in Southeast Asian Studies during the past year.

Clockwise: Sam Hicok, James Llewellyn, Grace Simbulan, Christopher Hulshof, Hayden Kolowrat

Sam Hicok defended in Spring 2022, with his paper on “The Rise of the Pathet Lao and Keys to Success.” We also want to thank Sam for all the work he did at the Center during the last academic year.

Christopher Hulshof, completed his second MA (first in History) with a paper on “Sangsara and San Sara: Collected Memory and Policy Objectives on Occupied Java, 1942-45.” He is currently pursuing his doctoral dissertation research for his PhD in History.

James Llewellyn defended his paper on “Beyond Resettlement: How Malaysia’s New Villages Prefigured Federal Land Development.” We are also delighted to report that James has recently taken a position in Washington D.C. with The United States-Indonesia Society (USINDO).

Grace Simbulan completed her MA in Spring 2022 by defending her paper on “Colonization of Indigenous Bodies: History of Colonial and (Neo)Colonial  Health Policies Affecting Indigenous Women in the Philippines.” In Fall 2022, Grace will start a doctoral program in Visual Anthropology at the University of Southern California.

Hayden Kolowrat defended his MA paper in Summer 2022 with his paper on “The Philippine Colony in US History Textbooks, 1898-2020.” In Fall 2022, Hayden will start a doctoral degree program in American Diplomatic History at the University of Indiana.

In addition, we are also delighted to announce the completion of three doctoral degrees by Center affiliated graduate students:

Philip Cerepak (History)

Royce Novak (History)

Sheila Zamar (Asian Languages & Cultures)